Who we are

The Writer Team is a company of professional freelance writers with a combined SEO and website content writing experience of over 20 years. Between us we have written on virtually every kind of subject you can imagine; producing high-quality website content, tailor-made for each individual assignment, large or small. We are experts in producing SEO material in order to get your website noticed.

We take pride in our work and what's more, we are excited by it. Every commission we receive is an opportunity to stretch our creative wings and show our customers just how good web content can be while maintaining excellent search engine visibility. We are not interested in a fast buck or in turning out substandard material as quickly as possible, just in order to complete the job.

Here on our website you will find a breakdown of the services we offer, a simple explanation of the cost involved, and testimonials from our previous and current customers.

If you are serious about receiving exceptional content for your website, please get in touch by using our contact page.

What we do

Over the years, The Writer Team has produced website content of every possible type, tone and purpose. On the right are examples of our most common types of work. Whether or not the work you are looking for is included in these categories, please get in touch and we will let you know how we can help. If it's got words in it - we can do it.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    All of the website content we produce is written with Search Engine Optimisation in mind. SEO is the backbone of internet marketing. Website content produced by The Writer Team is written in such a way as to present all of the relevant information you want, whilst maintaining keyword presence in order to improve search engine rankings. Every type of material explained below will be written with SEO as a priority in order to promote your website.
  • Articles

    The presentation of information as clear and easily understood text is a skill in itself. The Writer Team understands that people's understanding of a subject varies from person to person and so the text must be written with that in mind. Given the opportunity to write an article on any subject, we will find the most relevant information to your needs and present this with your target audience in mind. We have written on many, many topics and have developed our skills of communication to an exceptionally high level.
  • Blog Posts

    Blogging has become an enormous part of both website culture and marketing in recent years. The ability to constantly present your users with the new and relevant information is a great way to promote your site and boost SEO. The Writer Team has become highly proficient in writing blog posts which suit the tone of a website and provide highly relevant information. The Writer Team has developed all the necessary skills and experience required to improve your blog and keep your website constantly relevant and interesting.
  • Products and Services

    Explaining to your current and potential customers the benefits of your products and services is vitally important. Whatever industry you work in, we can provide your website content to promote your business and encourage new trade. We will get to know your business and produce well-researched copy for your site. Over the years we have written about financial products and services, entertainment, health and fitness, fashion, business opportunities and so much more.
  • Proofreading

    We offer a comprehensive and professional proofreading service. The most important aspects of proofreading are grammar, spelling and punctuation. Not only will having these aspects verified and corrected make your written content as close to perfect as possible, but it will also present your company or website in the best possible light to potential customers. We go further than the basics though; we also make sure the tone and vocabulary used is consistent throughout, and make the text as easy to comprehend as possible, whilst maintaining the meaning.

We like our rates to be as clear and transparent as possible - no hidden extras, no messing about. So whether you want 100 words, 300, 500, 1000 etc. you know exactly what you will be paying.

Quite simply, we charge £3.50 per 100 words in any multiple of 100. For example:

  • 100 Words........................................£3.50
  • 500 Words........................................£17.50
  • 1000 Words......................................£35.00
  • 2000 Words......................................£70.00

Proofreading is charged at £2.00 per 100 words.

happy customers

  • I wanted to take the time to praise the service I have received. When I originally read the introduction to your website, I was pleased to see what your company stood for – I even thought this may be too good to be true to be honest. After receiving new content for my Moped Licence Booking Site, I can safely say that The Writer Team are a fantastic company.

    I will be using you again and again and I will not hesitate for a second to recommend your services to others.

    If you are reading this and wondering if you will use this company, I would say do not hesitate, just check our website content – it is unique and written with SEO in mind. In short, I am sure that The Writer Team will go from strength to strength because of the high quality work, service and value for money provided whilst respecting deadlines.

    Ram, www.mopedslicence.com - http://www.mopedslicence.com
  • Because I comprehend the significance of original website content and value of precise keyword linking to my company’s websites, I have several blogs running on cycle clothing and rugs. I contacted the Writer Team because although I know it is important to maintain my company’s search ranking, I lack both time and inspiration to sit and write six to ten articles a week. The articles I have received from the Writer Team to date have been informative and accurate, more importantly they read like they are written by someone whose first language is English. I mention this because I have had articles written in India which read like they were written by Yoda, “sense they do not make”!

    With the Writer Team I am under no long term contractual obligations, I simply fire off the titles and they produce the articles. I receive my articles along with an invoice which I pay directly into a UK bank account. What could be simpler?

    Phil Cotton, Rug Zone - http://www.rugzone.co.uk/
  • We have used the Writer Team to provide both article content and site content for our business and can state that all work undertaken by the Writer Team has been excellent and delivered on time. We will continue to use the writer team for many more projects ahead.

    Liz Cullis, Lighting Majestic - http://www.lightingmajestic.com/
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  • Q What is the turnaround time for your work?
  • A Obviously this depends on the amount and complexity of the work you require. We are highly efficient writers and are used to working to a schedule. We will discuss deadlines with you, and once agreed, we will meet arranged times and dates without fail.
  • Q Will the material be original?
  • A Yes, it will be. All of our work is guaranteed original and will pass any plagiarism test. We will even supply you with a link to a free online plagiarism tester if you like!
  • Q Do I own the material written?
  • A Yes you do. Once paid for, the material is yours only and will never be given or sold to anyone else without your express consent.
  • Q Do I pay before or after the work is provided?
  • A We believe trust is vital in creating a working relationship. This is why we do not ask for any payment up front. All we ask is that for larger orders, when we have provided 50% of the work and you are happy with it, we receive payment for that amount before continuing. This establishes trust on both sides and we can then move onto the most convenient payment schedule for both parties.
  • Q How do I make payment?
  • A You can make payment via bank transfer or Paypal, whichever is easiest for you.
  • Q Is there anything you don't write?
  • A Not yet.

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