Running a business can be an incredibly time-consuming job, especially if you are also responsible for running the company website on a daily basis. As always, it is important to prioritise your workload and delegates certain tasks if possible, in order to get everything done on time. Unsurprisingly then, many businesses often neglect their company blog, or even fail to have one at all. However, as soon as you realise the incredible benefits of having a company blog, it is easy to see why many people make sure they have an one up and running. There are many benefits to a company blog, but here are the main ones: Connect with your customers A company blog is the perfect platform to keep both new and existing customers up-to-date with your… View More

Some businesses are truly international, with the ability to post actual inventory abroad or provide virtual services to anyone, anywhere, any time of day. Others are more local, without the ability to move their services elsewhere – classic examples of this would be a plumber, electrician, window cleaner or dog groomer. For this kind of business, having locally specific keywords in their SEO content on their website is essential, otherwise much of the traffic to their website will be pointless and not result in revenue. It doesn’t really matter if someone in Milwaukee looking for a plumber ends up on a website for a plumber in Cardiff, but it is really annoying for the plumber in Cardiff if no one from there can find his site, so getting it right… View More

Keeping SEO simple

Many of our customers are very busy people, and because they are so busy running their businesses, they simply do not have the time to learn about the complexities of SEO. Here at The Writer Team, we believe that one of the reasons our customers enjoy working with us is that we like to keep things simple. We don’t bombard you with technical information or facts and figures you don’t need, we just use tried and tested SEO techniques to improve your search engine ranking. Of course, there are complex issues which come into play when trying to improve a website’s ranking with search engine such as Google. However, what many content writers and SEO agencies do not want you to know is that the fundamentals of search engine optimisation… View More

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