SEO tips for small businesses

Small businesses cannot afford to stint on SEO content, but it is sometimes a bit of a juggling situation when deciding where budget should be spent, especially when the budget is small at start up. There are a few things that really will make a difference, though and although they may be a little time consuming, they will bring dividends. It is important not to be too impatient – even if the results are slow to show themselves, they will succeed in the end. Choose a good domain name This sounds obvious, but if you don’t have the name of the business somewhere in the title of your website, people will get very confused. If they search for your company and it doesn’t come up with a link that looks… View More

SEO in 2015

It is a given that good SEO content is essential for any marketing success and many people who have achieved what they feel is the perfect mix will rest on their laurels for 2015, but this is certainly not wise. 2015 like every other year will see many changes and of course not all of them will happen exactly as predicted, but a heads up is always a help. SEO and Content Marketing There is little doubt that Google will continue to ‘reward’ good content and so this will still be vital for 2015. Possibly the only thing that will change is that the readers of the content will become more discerning and will start to reject inferior sites. Google penalises sites which simply repeat key words without any real… View More

What makes a good homepage text?

Obviously you will make sure that your web designer makes your homepage attractive to look at, quick to load and easy to navigate, but this is really only half the battle. What your homepage also needs is some great text that will engage both the casual browser and the visitor who has landed ‘on purpose’. Interesting copy that even so tells all that a client needs to know is essential – some people, in the search for something engaging, have gone so far off-piste that it is sometimes hard to tell what they actually do, so make sure you stay on target. Clearly set out description Using graphics to show what you sell is great but not everything lends itself to a graphic representation, so it is essential to make… View More

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