Emotional Branding

One of the fastest growing and most effective ways of product placement online today is emotional branding. Going beyond the basic virtues of a product, ‘the most effective’, ‘the UK’s best seller’, emotional branding appeals to the consumer as a person rather than just a customer. Companies are increasingly abandoning the simple listing of facts and figures in favour of creating a dialogue with the consumer, and telling a story that presents their product in a wider context. Many of the viral videos we see online on a daily basis are tied into some kind of product placement, whether it is instantly obvious or not. A music video can be linked to stereos or headphones, a cute puppy chasing its tail linked to such diverse things as family insurance, or… View More

The Dangers of Duplicate Content

One of the most difficult things to avoid within search engine optimisation is the problem of duplicate content. If you are trying to keep traffic to your site up, new and frequent blogging or advertising a product can sometimes lead to the use of the same content. Although this is not currently regarded as spam by Google, and incurs no penalties, it does however affect the ranking of pages or websites for webmasters. Google uses ranking algorithm filters that will automatically choose the content from the most popular site. Watch out for product listings Although your website as a whole will be unaffected, if the material that has been duplicated is an important part of a website, then it can severely affect its position within rankings. For example, if you… View More

SEO tips for small businesses

Small businesses cannot afford to stint on SEO content, but it is sometimes a bit of a juggling situation when deciding where budget should be spent, especially when the budget is small at start up. There are a few things that really will make a difference, though and although they may be a little time consuming, they will bring dividends. It is important not to be too impatient – even if the results are slow to show themselves, they will succeed in the end. Choose a good domain name This sounds obvious, but if you don’t have the name of the business somewhere in the title of your website, people will get very confused. If they search for your company and it doesn’t come up with a link that looks… View More

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